Black rice (black sticky rice)

Black rice (black sticky rice):

Black rice is nutritious and rich in protein and fiber. Make this Southeast Asian sweet delicacy by learning how to prepare black sticky rice (also known as black glutinous rice).

Black rice (black sticky rice)

Just what is black rice? “Black rice” refers to a certain variety of rice grain.

According to Wikipedia, it is a member of the species Oryza sativa.The names purple rice are sometimes used to describe Black glutinous rice recipe.In Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia,  , usually as a dessert. It is referred to as Pulut Hitam in Malay.One of the greatest ways to prepare  sticky rice is to boil it over low heat into a porridge known as bubur, which is then sweetened with sugar and coconut milk.In Penang Hokkien, the dessert is known as bubur hitam, bubur pulut hitam, or bee koh moy.

 Varieties of black rice:

Three (3) primary types are available:

  1. sticky black rice
  2. Black rice from Japan
  3. Black rice with Mandarin

 Long-grain glutinous rice, known as “black sticky rice,” is popular throughout several Southeast Asian nations.

 Black short-grain japonica rice and medium-grain red rice are combined to create black Japonica rice. They work well in salads with rice.

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 The term “forbidden rice” also applies to Chinese black rice. In China, they are farmed and consumed as porridge. Rice from China is not sticky.

 In conclusion, some types of Black glutinous rice recipe savoury are naturally sticky, and for this reason, they are also known as black sticky rice or black glutinous rice. 

 The Benefits of these Rice for Health:

  • One of the healthiest types of rice is black rice. It has a variety of health advantages and is nutrient-rich:
  • Compared to brown rice, it is higher in protein.
  • iron and fiber-rich, and low in fat
  • It provides the most antioxidants of any rice variety.
  • It encourages heart health and could stave off cancer.
  • No gluten!
  • It encourages healthy vision.

How to Make ?

With the outermost layer of bran still present, black rice has a tougher exterior and requires more time to boil.

Reins the black rice  in water before cooking it .

 Prepare the rice in a pressure cooker, or an Instant Pot.

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  1. To a pot, add the black rice. Rinse thoroughly in water  it becomes clear. Please note that while the color will continue to be “black” or “purple,” it should appear clear. Drain all of the water.
  2.  Rice should combine with water and pandan leaves. For around 60 minutes, boil the mixture over medium to low heat with the lid on. Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook the rice until it softens and separates. For the black  rice, keep checking the water level and adding more as necessary. To taste, toss in sugar; mix thoroughly.
  3. The coconut milk warmed up slowly. Put salt in it. well-stirred and set aside.
  4. Desserts made of pulut hitam recipe  serve in tiny bowls. Add some coconut milk to the top of each serving. Add additional coconut milk if you prefer it creamier. .

 Recipe Ingredients:

  • Black sticky rice.
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Coconut milk
  • Salt

This delicacy of boiling black rice has a mouthfeel and texture that I really enjoy. Simply by adding a creamy touch, the somewhat salty coconut milk completes the flavor.


What is the serving size in calories?

Per serving, this meal contains only 296 calories.

 Which entrées should I serve with this recipe?

As a dessert, serve this meal. I suggest these recipes  comprehensive Malaysian meal.


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