Chicken karahi Recipe

About the Chicken Karahi Recipe:

Chicken karahi

Chicken karahi recipe is one of the most well-known and popular foods in Pakistan. Numerous homes and restaurants serve chicken karahi. No dinner party or special event is complete without serving Desi Special Chicken Karahi. Taste, aroma, cooking method, and the inclusion of black, green, or red chilies increase this recipe’s “Special” attribute. 

It is cooked with half a kilogramme of chicken chunks, spices, ginger, garlic, and tomatoes but no onions. Only a minimal amount of curry and dry masala are required for this recipe. Your palate will adore the Special Chicken Karahi’s robust, aromatic Indian flavor. This delicious recipe can be made at home by wives and moms and served with Naan and roti.


Oil: The quantity of oil used in curries made with tomatoes is quite important. I suggest using only 1/3 cup oil for health reasons, but if you prefer a karahi where the oil and curry are easily distinguishable, use 1/2 cup oil instead.

Chicken that still has its bones: For chicken karahi, use bone-in chicken that has been finely diced (known as karahi cut). The chicken will taste better as a result of being able to better absorb the flavors. However, you can easily use chicken breasts or thighs in their place. I occasionally switch out boneless chicken thighs and chicken breasts cut into 2-inch slices because of my finicky kids.

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Tomatoes:Since tomatoes are the key component in this recipe, use ripe, juicy tomatoes for the best results.

Garlic paste:Almost many South Asian curries require ginger garlic paste, which you can either purchase in jars or make at home using this recipe. Fresh ginger and garlic are another option. Utilize it; fresh is always best.

Spices: The only main spices I use for this simple chicken karahi recipe are red chili powder, turmeric powder, and salt. Black pepper that has been cracked is sometimes my go-to garnish for that extra kick.

coriander and green chilies:Lots of freshly chopped coriander and green chilies are added to the karahi as a garnish. If the tomatoes are the recipe’s king, coriander and green chilies are its jewels.

Additional components: To further raise the quality of the karahi, mix in a small amount of butter and a teaspoon of dried fenugreek leaves (sukhi methi). These components are optional, so skipping them won’t affect the flavour in any way.

Chicken karahi

Method of Cooking:

  • Recipe for chicken karahi: 
  • Heat the oil before adding the chicken and the ginger paste.
  • After a brief period of blending, cut a tomato in half and add it.
  • As soon as the tomato addition is complete, add all the masalas and well mix.
  • Green chili and yogurt should be added last.
  • Add butter after allowing the water to dry, then turn the stove’s heat down.
  • Cut the ginger and green chile into slices and add them to your karahi.
  • Your customized chicken karahi dish is prepared.
  • Enjoy the delicious karahi


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