Easy Korean Army Stew – Budae Jjigae

 Easy Korean Army Stew – Budae Jjigae

Easy Korean Army Stew – Budae Jjigae

Korean Army Stew- budae jjigae is known as Korean-American fusion dish.  When food was in short supply and American army surplus supplies were relatively simple to come by at the end of the Korean War, it gained popularity.

Add some flavor with this quick and simple Korean Army Stew, which is ready in about 30 minutes! This delicious budae jjigae recipe is ideal for sharing and cooking with friends because it is packed with noodles, kimchi, and vegetables.

The Wandercook’s family cooks Korean Army Stew more often than any other dish. This simple hotpot is always so tasty and filling thanks to the noodles, melty cheese, and chewy Korean rice cakes. It cooks up so quickly for lunch or dinner and is quite versatile. Make use of the recipe below as a reference, but don’t be afraid to use up any leftover vegetables in your fridge.

Make a large batch so you can have some for lunch the next day because leftovers are delicious too. To stretch it even farther, you can simply add more vegetables or quick noodles.

Korean Seaweed and Brisket Soup

A variety of items, including noodles, kimchi, cheese, and spam or sausages, are boiled in a rich red broth that has been flavored with gochujang and gochugaru (chili flakes). Easy Korean Army Stew – Budae Jjigae hotpot is served with rice.

P.S. Try our 10 minute gochujang pasta if you enjoy the flavors of Korean Army Stew but would prefer something that is even quicker and simpler!


▢2 tbsp Korean hot pepper paste 

▢1 tbsp garlic minced 

▢2 tsp soy sauce

▢4 cups chicken stock sub with dashi 

▢2 tsp cooking wine

▢two tsp Korean hot pepper flakes 

▢2 tsp sugar

For the Main Ingredients

▢instant noodles 2 packets

▢spam or frankfurts sliced into 3 cm pieces

▢Korean rice cakes (tteok) sliced 


▢cabbage roughly chopped

▢enoki mushrooms base removed

▢tofu sliced into small cubes

▢cheese sliced or shredded


When it comes to the stock:

Add the following ingredients to a sizable electric fry pan, wok, or shallow pot: chicken stock, gochujang, garlic, soy sauce, cooking wine, hot pepper flakes, and sugar. Over low heat, combine stirring.

2 tablespoons Korean hot pepper paste (gochujang), 1 tablespoon garlic, 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 2 tablespoons cooking wine, 2 tablespoons Korean hot pepper flakes (gochugaru), and 2 tablespoons sugar.

For assembly:

It’s up to you whether you want to combine your major ingredients (instant noodles, frankfurters, tteok rice cakes, kimchi, cabbage, enoki, and tofu) or layer them artistically in the pan.

Instant noodles, sausages like spam or frankfurters, Korean rice cakes called tteok, kimchi, cabbage, enoki mushrooms, and tofu.

Korean Pork Bone soup

Increase the heat, then grate on plenty of cheese. Noodles and hot dogs should be cooked through completely while cooking on high.


Serve in a hot pot-style dish in the center of the table so that everyone can help themselves, or serve in individual soup bowls.

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