Korean Yukgaejang (Beef Soup with Vegetables)

Korean Yukgaejang (Beef Soup with Vegetables):

Korean Yukgaejang (Beef Soup with Vegetables) is a robust, hot beef soup made with diced beef, a lot of scallions, and other vegetables. Ideal soup for upcoming chilly days.

Korean Yukgaejang (Beef Soup with Vegetables)

Yukgaejang is a substantial, hot beef soup that is very well-liked in Korea. This hearty soup has a remarkable depth of flavor and is made with beef that has been shredded, lots of scallions, and other vegetables like gosari , beansprouts, and mushrooms.For a perfectly filling dinner on a chilly winter day, all you’ll need is a bowl of rice. Yukgaejang is also well-liked in Korea as a filling soup that soothes the summertime heat.

For this soup and many other Korean soups, beef brisket is the standard cut. This flesh is a rough, delicious piece that is excellent for soup. The meat is perfect for this soup since it becomes pull-apart tender when properly boiled. Additionally, you might use shank or flank steak.

Scallions should be your one and only vegetable choice for this soup. Many of them! This is the most crucial component in the soup after the beef. Green onions of the large kind, or daepa, are used in soups in Korea. They are not the same thing as leeks, no. Daepa has a distinctive sweet oniony flavor. The flavors of soups are particularly elevated by it.


▢1 ounce dried gosari

▢1 pound beef brisket

▢1/2 onion 

▢9 ounces Korean radish 

▢8 ounces bean sprouts 

▢3 dry shiitake mushrooms

Hotteok (Korean Sweet Pancakes)

 ▢2 tablespoons sesame oil

▢2 tablespoons gochugaru

▢1 tablespoon garlic, minced

▢2 tablespoons guk ganjang

▢1 teaspoon gochujang

▢2 bunches scallions

▢1 teaspoon doenjang, 

▢salt and pepper


  1. To a small pot, add the gosari and 5 cups of water. Boil until soft while covered over medium heat. The duration can vary greatly depending on gosari, but mine just took about 35 minutes. Turn off the heat and allow the food to cool in the cooking water. Rinse with cold water and drain when ready to use. Remove any tough stem ends before cutting into 4-inch lengths.
  2. 12 cups of water, the meat, onion, and optional radish should be brought to a boil in a big pot. Turn down the heat to medium, then skim the scum. Cook the beef, covered, for about an hour, or until it is suitable for shredding. To test the tenderness, remove a string of flesh. Allow the meat to slightly cool in the cooking liquid. Save the stock in the pot and throw away the vegetables. Take off any fat that is visible. The recommended amount of broth is 8 cups.
  3. Shred the meat into pieces that are approximately 3 to 4 inches long once it is cool enough to handle.

    Korean Beef Patties (Tteokgalbi

  4. Boil water for one minute while the bean sprouts are blanched. After washing, drain with cold water. Make 5-inch-long scallions by cutting them. Cut the wet mushrooms into thin slices.
  5. The chili pepper flakes are added after heating the sesame oil in a skillet until it is hot over low heat. As soon as the oil begins to turn red and the chili flakes start to get a little pasty, turn the heat off. Just a few seconds  needed for this. Keep the flakes from burning.
  6. Add 1 tablespoon of soup soy sauce, the garlic, the pork, the gosari, the mushrooms, and the. Stir everything together thoroughly to evenly distribute the oil-dipped chili flakes.
  7. To the broth, add the meat and gosari. Add One tablespoon of soup soy sauce, optional gochujang, and doenjang . 

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